Alternative advertising can be defined as a possibility of communicating information in the ordinary everyday milieu, which is unreachable by means of traditional media. The concept of alternative advertising is closely related to location, content and innovative technology. The key to a successful alternative advertising campaign is the compatibility of an advertising space and the message, which is essential for creating memorable and intriguing results. Alternative advertising has in the course of time rapidly grown, mainly due to the fact that traditional media is losing its influence over the customers. Innovative solutions draw more attention and provide great opportunity for reaching precise target groups. Alternative advertising solutions are versatile and offer wide opportunities.

Our portfolio of products is extensive covering the widest range of advertising spaces. Since alternative advertising is not limited by tradition, we are able to find you and your target group suitable solutions in places you could never even think of…. On the land, at the sea, on the beach, on the streets and rooftops, in malls, universities, commercial centers, sport clubs, trains, buses, coffee shops, clubs, on the floors, ceilings, walls, doors, escalators, elevators, shelves, screens, mirrors, cash registers, shopping carts, check orders – no limits.

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Selver is an Estonian chain of super- and hypermarkets selling mostly groceries and household products. The chain comprises 35 stores around Estonia. The number of customers per month is around 3 million.

In the stores of Selver chain we can offer a large variety of advertising spaces and possibilities:

- Ads on shopping carts
- Clip-on
- Display of cars
- Entrance doors

- Security gates
- Stickers on refrigerators
- Ad cubes on beverage refrigerators
- Ads on checks
- Ads on cash plates
- Ads on trash bins
- Outdoor frames
- Floor stickers
- Price tag envelopes
- Shelves
- Ads on conveyor belt dividers
- Ads on EUR pallets

*The shop has to agree with the design and the advertising clients.