Our design department is committed to presenting the products, services and image of our clients through visual communication in a way that gives to the customers the desired result. We can create your corporate identity (logotype, supporting devices, a set of guidelines, business cards, invoice templates, print layouts, etc.), arrange advertising campaigns and invent special solutions. Designing is a process which means so much more than just creating a nice picture. We listen to the goals of our clients and focus on them, provide our own suggestions and find together best working solutions.  As the product portfolio of the Ministry of Media contains a wide choice of interesting spaces for alternative advertising, we are able to offer our clients the most suitable spaces for advertising with matching design. We guarantee that each campaign is unique and contains the message that suites the location we use. We never compromise the quality and the result will always be a pleasure to look at.

“Design is a means toward accomplishing the end goals of serving markets and generating profits. Furthermore, design is an element in social responsibility. Good design allows “form to complement performance.” The way things look is not irrelevant to the way things work: how they work is how they should look.” - Thomas F. Schutte