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What are the best eCommerce metrics I bague diamant d’exception need to prioritize

Every day, eCommerce stores try to figure pomellato bague diamant out the next actions to increase their online sales and ultimately, grow their business. The entretien bague diamant good news is clip boucles doreille opportunities jonc bague diamant are everywhere. bijoux personnalise The challenge, however, is where to find them. coque samsung This bague diamant fiancailles is where leveraging on customer data bijou bague diamant and keeping track of your eCommerce metrics will come in.

Without eCommerce metrics, it’s difficult to know where you are bague diamant brun or rose heading. But with reminiscence boucles doreille the right eCommerce metrics, you’ll be making informed decisions based on data and current trends instead of relying on your guts.

But, with the vastness of data at hand and different metrics to consider, what eCommerce metrics do you need to prioritize How do you find the right metrics for you How do you transform your data into actionable insightsWe know that eCommerce metrics is a huge undertaking with complexities, so today, we’ll focus on what’s really important swarovski bague diamant for your online store: your customers.

Your customers are your lifeblood. coque samsung They’re keeping your business alive. coque samsung iphone xr hoesje This is why understanding your customers by looking at how they progress into the sales funnel will help you uncover the right eCommerce metrics to focus on first.

The concept bague diamant 6 griffes of buyer’s journey maps a customer’s progression from research to purchase. coque iphone To simplify the boucles doreille mauboussin process, follow these 3 familiar eCommerce stages: Traffic, Conversion, and Retention.

Each stage is combined with buyer’s journeys to ensure that you will cover all shopper’s steps into your eCommerce metrics.

7 eCommerce Metrics to boost sales and drive loyaltyBuyer’s Journeys: Awareness and Interest

Visitors have arrived at your online store, what’s next The following eCommerce metrics will help you understand what you can do with boucles doreille perle goutte your traffic or learn how to gain more.

1 Marketing Channel Performance

Understanding how your online store is found by your customers is a key ingredient in making strategic decisions in your marketing efforts. A marketing channel metric allows you to identify where most of your traffic comes from. custodia ipod cover Depending on what tool you are using, they are commonly categorized as paid search, organic or referral.

Google Analytics has a Channel Report that gives you a general view of your marketing channel performance. coque huawei iphone 11 pro max hoesje This Channel Report bague diamant autour has a straightforward dashboard that tracks which channels acquire more customers and how much revenue they are generating. coque samsung coque samsung Go to Acquisition > All Traffic > Channels. A dashboard similar to the one below will bague diamant anneau transparent appear.

Alternatively, GinzaMetrics has an interactive Marketing Channel Performance dashboard. custodia samsung cover Its interactive charts let you hover over any graph and reveal additional information about it just like below:

Do not only focus on the volume of traffic you’re getting from a certain channel. cover iphone 6 6s You also need to look at the conversions you’re generating. coque huawei After that, analyze why a specific channel boucles doreille dormeuses argent returns a good conversion rate. Is it because of the demographics or boucles doreille seigneur des anneaux the ad campaign you ran Highlights the strengths and apply them in your underperforming channels.

2 New vs. collier argent Returning Visitors

The New vs. Returning visitors metric is a great way to know if you are gaining new customers over time and to learn how many of your past customers actually come back to your site again.

It is also where you can understand how your returning visitors behave differently from the new ones. iphone 6 6s plus hoesje If there is a discrepancy in their behavior, you can bague diamant pellegrin gain insight as to why and what you can do to valeur bague diamant address any gaps.

Google Analytics has bague diamant pandora a predefined New vs Returning dashboard. Go to bague diamant princesse 1 carats Audience > Behavior > New vs Returning. revenue) just like below.

Treat new and returning visitors differently. If you notice that bulk of your revenue comes from your returning visitors, put a strategy that entices them to come bague diamant bois back and make a purchase again. For example, once you detect that you have a returning visitor, popup a discount coupon like the ‘welcome back’ coupon from Absolute Nutrition.

You can also create an entrance popup using Better Coupon Box to target first time visitors asking their email addresses in exchange rachat bague diamant paris for a discount. By capturing their email addresses, you can send relevant contents in the future and nurture your relationship.

The following conversion metrics will give you insights as to how many are actually buying and what you can do to drive your visitors into a purchase.

3 Average Order Value (AOV)

Understanding your AOV will help you helps you examine how well you are performing at closing your deals. iphone 11 case coque iphone Say, for example, are your product listings generating enough interest to add more products If you are selling earrings, have you not forgotten to cross sell your necklaces and rings to go with them Google Analytics has an ‘Avg. Order Value’ readily available at Conversions > Ecommerce > Overview link.

If you notice that your average order value is declining over time, make it compelling for customers to add more items to their carts by offering bundled items or upsell and cross sell items at a discounted price. cover iphone 7 Boost Sales has upselling and cross selling capability to help you sell more and increase your AOV.