Collier lune swarovski DNA study links indigenous Brazilians to Polynesians boucles d’oreilles argen-amazon bracelet swarovski-hmtcas

DNA study links indigenous Brazilians to Polynesians

It hard to find two populated areas as far apart boutique boucles doreille as Brazil and Polynesia; however, a recent genetic study bracelet argent avec elephant showed bracelet argent avec turquoise that indigenous people that lived in southeastern Brazil in the late 1800s shared some genetic sequences with collier or blanc diamant Polynesians. coque samsung iphone 6 6s plus hoesje This collier or soleil could suggest that Pacific islanders traded with South America thousands of years ago (or traveled across the world for another reason) boucles doreille enfant vis or that the distinctive DNA sequences, or haplogroups, may have collier or maille palmier entered the genomes of the native Brazilians through the slave trade during the nineteenth century.

The general consensus is that humans arrived in the Americas between 15,000 collier or main de fatma and 20,000 years ago; where they came from exactly and what they wanted to do is still a matter of debate. iphone 11 case iphone x xs hoesje The timing of these migration waves could be linked to large collier lune et etoiles variations in early Americans’ physical features, says Srgio Pena, a molecular geneticist at the Federal University of Minas Gerais in Belo collier or anneau Horizonte, Brazil.

Of collier or et pierre main interest boucles doreille zirconium are the Botocudo people, a group of early Americans. goed iphone hoesje They lived in inland regions of southeastern Brazil and stand out, mostly due to their skull collier or tendance shape, which was somewhere in between those of collier lune argent 925 other Palaeoamericans and a presumed prix collier or 18 carats ancestral population in eastern Asia. coque samsung custodia iphone cover Now, a recent study has shed some more light on the possible heritage of the Botocudo.

Pena and his colleagues collier lune chat avis studied short stretches of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) collier or topaze in samples drilled collier lune noir from inside the teeth an area in which contamination is very unlikely to bracelet argent médaille prénom occur. coque huawei cover iphone 7 The mtDNA from 12 of the skulls matched a collier or femme 2015 well known Palaeoamerican haplogroup. collier argent coque iphone But boucles doreille hm mtDNA from two of the skulls included a haplogroup commonly found in Polynesia, Easter Island and other Pacific island archipelagos. iphone case coque huawei The results were so shocking that they went to another lab for confirmation, and a confirmation they got. coque samsung bijoux pas cher However, one shouldn jump collier lune et soleil couple to conclusions.

“But to call that haplogroup Polynesian is a bit etsy boucles doreille of a misnomer,” says Lisa Matisoo Smith, a molecular anthropologist at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand. goed hoesje coque samsung The haplogroup is also found albeit tutoriel boucles doreille at a lower frequency in populations living as far west as Madagascar.

However, the mystery of how these groups got entanglent is still baffling.

“We have this finding,” he says. cover iphone 7 plus “Now we have to explain it.”

It also possible, though unlikely, that the DNA could have come from Polynesians who voyaged from remote islands to the western coast of South America.