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An Introduction to the QAnon Phenomenon

Just a quick preface before we begin. Part of the reason I wrote this was because, well, we all expecting the internet to go down at a certain point. This article is designed to be something of a lifeline, and it may just be something you want toprint out and share with friends, or those who are new to QAnon and looking for more information. That error has since been corrected, and the attached PDF updated as well to reflect this correction. Thank you.

You someone who has come looking for information. You just heard the term maybe from a friend, from a relative, a post on social media, maybe a billboard on the roadside heck, by the time you reading this, the Mainstream media might even be talking about this mysterious individual only know to as But regardless of where you first heard the name, you want mise taille bague argent to know more.

And I wish I could help you. I really do.

But the problem is, if I just come out and say it it probably going to be really hard to believe anything I have to say, even if you are politically aligned with me. coque samsung Why Because bague argent femme ethnique pas cher the information Q presents requires such a dramatic paradigm shift, such a radical realignment of any and all presuppositions you had about the state of the world, because it requires such a prerequisite level of knowledge to truly understand, it is often easier to just dismiss it outright and avoid any pesky cognitive dissonance that would otherwise emerge altogether.

See, I myself as well as my long time readers have had the benefit of having eight whole months to digest the 1600+ posts that Q has given us over that same period. The sheer size and scope and depth of the information is hard to process in a day, let alone eight months. If I just come out and say it, you probably won believe me.

Not that my goal is to have you believe me. iphone xr hoesje No, no, no don misunderstand me here. coque samsung coque huawei My goal in writing this is not to convince anyone. Knowing what I know, I believe there will come a point when no matter what you currently believe, you will be forced by certain events to accept everything bague argent homme lion I about to explain. coque huawei bague argent homme grande taille My goal here is to bring you up to a somewhat serviceable level of knowledge to help bague argent pierre amethyste you understand what happening during what will undoubtedly be a volatile, confusing time.

And already, I can hear some readers getting frustrated with me. come out bague argent et javel and say it! Give us the goods! Alright, fine.

But don be surprised if you feel a bit incredulous after reading this:

The world has long been held hostage by a group of power brokers I have collectively labelled Cabal. They sit in seats of power around the world, making sure they control boucles doreille argent modernes governments, wars, money flow, and even the lives of individuals like you and me. They see us as disposable pawns, a sort of natural resource they can spend at will, and this Cabal seeks to grow and expand its power every single day through all sorts of subversive action, be it class strife, fomenting economic instability, or sending us to die in foreign lands under the guise of patriotism and duty.

The Cabal is not entirely monolithic, but features many different branches. Despite this, they work together and their goals are boucles doreille non pendantes much the same: the destruction of the West by any and all means, and the creation of a global mega state.

A large portion of The Cabal are members of a Secret Society that is little more than a Neo Babylonian Death Cult, and bague argent jaspe rouge the higher you advance in the cult, the more mutual blackmail is required of you. This is achieved through several means, but recording individuals in honeypots, pedophilic acts, and participation human sacrifice are bague argent pierre bleu clair the primary ways in which this is achieved.

That not to say this is done against the will of the individuals being blackmailed. coque huawei iphone 6 6s hoesje Often, they arewillingparticipants in all this, andenjoyperforming these kinds of evil deeds. Such is the face of depravity.

Hillary and Obama are two such members of this Cabal, and though they were high boucles doreille dolce gabbana ranking, they are not top dogs (and certainly not since HRC failed presidential run in 2016). That day cost them so much power and influence they didn even know what to do. coque samsung Remember Hillary didn even give a concession speech that night. That was because they never expected her to lose.

Together, as we since learned from the Q drops, they were plotting the bague argent orientale complete destruction of the USA (and Russia). And I don mean that in some esoteric sense of empires collapsing, balkanizing, and coalescing into new states across time, like the murmurations of flocks of birds across the sky. No, I quite literally mean nuclear war, mass drought, disease, and food shortages. I talking roving death squads in the streets. coque iphone cover iphone 7 The goal was to wipe out two of the biggest threats to the Cabal by making them fight each other, and rule over a fragmented, atomized, neo Fascist bague argent rhodié oxyde de zirconium global mega state, made up of whatever was left over (mostly Europe, the Middle East, Africa, parts of Asia, South America, and Australia).

Remember when I said don be surprised if you feel incredulous when reading this

And yet this is exactly what bague argent qui tourne we learned over the past 8 months (as of this writing) by listening to Q. iphone 7 8 hoesje This, in particular, is something he called the 16 Year Plan boucles doreille la redoute to Destroy America.

And when you start reading the Q drops, you come to understand that this was exactly the Cabal plan for years, going back decades. coque samsung Obama was a Manchurian President, groomed from his youth as a subversive agent of the Muslim Brotherhood, and Hillary; she is a literal bague argent avec rond qui pend practicing witch, who once had three rooms named after her on bague argent* Epstein Pedophile Island the same island where, until recently, stood a sacrificial temple to Babylonian fertility gods like Ba and Minerva. And I call them rooms because they weren eating anything you find in a normal bague argent asie supermarket. coque iphone bijoux pas cher No, these people are pedovores, and they are profoundly sick and twisted.

Hey I tried to warn you this was going to be a hard redpill to swallow. What happens when you read Q is you quickly learn that almost everything you think you know about the world is wrong. It more than just wrong. It a deliberate lie, made to perpetuate the power of this hermes bague argent femme Cabal.

And again I not particularly interested in trying to convince you here because at a certain point, undeniable proofs will make their way to the public such as the photo of Obama holding an AK 47, while dressed in full Muslim garb, and shooting what Q calls white, and blue (but which is probably a person, and not just a flag though that last bit is just speculation on my part, and it very well may end up being something like a flag).

Furthermore, Q lays out very clearly how comment ranger ses boucles doreille all these scandals bague argent avec brillant like Uranium 1, like set boucles doreille the Iran Deal, like the Paris Accord, like the North Korea situation all tie into this plan to this 16 year plan, and once you truly grasp what he is saying, you come to understand the sheer level of subversion bague argent tres fine and evil that has been hidden from Americans for many decades and conversely, how great things can yet still become once this evil is purged from our lands.

There so much to Q, it hard to sum up in any one essay. bijoux personnalise cover iphone In fact, you would need a book to do it all justice (and that exactly what I attempting to write, at the moment, believe it or not).

But maybe I getting ahead of myself here. Maybe I need to back bague argent tribal femme this train up for a moment and answer some rudimentary questions as best I can, as someone who was been watching, studying and interacting with this whole QAnon phenomenon since the beginning.

So let start with the most elementary question of them all:

Who is Q

QAnon, often called just is someone with Q Level security clearance and a history of Military Intelligence working within the Trump administration to disseminate information to the American people directly.

As for the specific identity of Q no one really knows for sure (save for a few people in the actual Trump administration).