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A Heroes and Hurricanes Interview

Kathy: HEROES AND HURRICANES is part bague diamant la plus cher du monde of the Danger Cove Mystery series in the Cocktail Mysteries. goed hoesje Do you enjoy cocktails Have you ever had a hurricane What is your favorite mixed drink

NL: I bague diamant solitaire a vendre love this question!Yes, I do enjoy cocktails very much. I had my first hurricane at Pat toi et moi bague diamant O in New Orleans. bijoux pas cher Now, to be honest, I think their version of luoteemi populaire vintage collier pour les femmes fete de mariage de luxe brillant cz reglable rond os chaine tour de cou cadeau de noel hurricanes is a bit stronger version than your average bar rendition, but it went down smoothly and went straight to my head! That was the first drink I bague diamant solitaire 1.5 carat had that night and, after it, I only managed a couple more before bague diamant 0.5 carat we had to call it a xq livraison gratuite mode romantique retro mode alliage super long multicolore mme pendentif collier mode dame long cou night. custodia cover I stand by my belief that their secret ingredient HAS to be high octane alcoholMy favorite mixed drink is Malibu and Diet (Pepsi/Coke, either works.) It gives me enough caffeine to keep me going and how can you go wrong with coconut rum (Just ask Jack Sparrow, he back me up on this one!)

NL: bague diamant laboratoire My mother has shared with me some information about my family tree going back at least a couple generations. coque huawei bijoux personnalise I was excited to learn my great, great grandmother was full blooded Native American. coque huawei It is kind of cool to see how those traits (dark black hair and deep brown eyes) are in two of the four children my grandmother had. coque huawei The other two (my mom included) are bague diamant forme marguerite both fair skinned and bague diamant maty light complexion. iphone xr hoesje Ancestry is fascinating! I have never formally bague diamant entouré looked into it though by going to some of those websites or sending DNA in, bague diamant baguette pas cher etc. I have a friend who does that bague diamant a vendre though and she met some family she didn even know about and learned so much about her family history. coque huawei coque iphone Maybe I should put that on the bucket list alliage coeur couples chokers colliers pour femmes punk metal geometrique declaration grand collier collier bijoux accessoires ukmoc too!

NL: I have LOVED mysteries for as long bague diamant noir pas cher as I can remember. cover iphone 7 plus I cut my mystery teeth on Encyclopedia Brown, then grew into Nancy Drew mode metal couples simule perle collier ras du cou pour les femmes declaration bavoir collier maxi collier bijoux ukmoc and estimer bague diamant Hardy Boy mysteries. coque samsung I pretty sure I read some cozy mysteries when I was younger, not even realizing they were officially coziesIn the last few years, I started reading them more, including one of my favorite series by Julie Hyzy, The White House Chef Mysteries. I bague diamant brillant think that what draws me to it the most solving the puzzle!

NL: The Danger Cove series has many different story arcs (quilting, bakery, farmer market, etc.) I write the cocktail portion of the series.

My Heroes of the Night series is a military romance and tells the story of three men who served together in Afghanistan. They are what I like to call real world heroes. They weren special forces just regular guys serving their country in the best bague diamant art déco way they knew how. coque huawei cover iphone 7 My stories deal more with how they work to adjust to life AFTER completing their service to the bague diamant alliance country. It definitely an opposites attract romance that should make you smile, laugh, and maybe even cry from time to time.

NL: I love Lilly Waters, of course. She my main character in the cocktail mysteries, so she goes without saying. coque samsung However, each of the other characters are special to me in their own way. A recurring character in both Heroes and Hurricanes and the upcoming release, Deadly Dirty Martinis, is Abe Sanders. He a grandfather figure to Lilly and I love the way the two of them interact. I love Mandi trivia that she shares sometimes at the most inopportune times emmaya mode bijoux 10 couleurs cristal coeur pendentif colliers peuvent ouvrir des ailes dange collares pour les femmes beaux cadeaux LOL And Tanner well Okay, so I guess I can pick a favorite

NL: As I mentioned earlier, I love meeting people and hearing their stories so when I was asked to submit an idea for the Danger bague diamant en s Cove series, my first thought was Smugglers Tavern! My experience with the hurricanes at Pat O and the hero theme I have had for years now, all combined to create the inspiration for Heroes and Hurricanes. The idea of Lilly grandfather being MIA spaloria gothique cristal or coeur croix pendentif collier ras du cou pour les femmes vintage layerd clavicule chaines collier mode bijoux from Vietnam came when I visited the Palm Springs Air Museum and bague diamant avec saphir saw the commemorative bracelets that had been made during the time of the war to help raise money and awareness for the POW/MIA soldiers. That touched me deeply and so I wanted to be able to incorporate it in some way into my story. Lilly charm bracelet was a tribute to that inspiration.

NL: Oh this is a tough one! Limiting it to four is difficultI would definitely have Sara Paretsky on the invite list. Rowling at the table to talk to her about plotting and world building. coque samsung And, if I have to limit it to just one more say Jeffrey Deaver. cover iphone 5 5s se He a master at story telling and getting you to look one way while things are happening in a completely different manner.

NL: I love music and dancing. coque samsung My tastes are very eclectic on my playlist you find anything from hymns, acapella music (love Pentatonix), The Piano Guys, all the way to pop, hip hop and even some rap.

Truthfully, between working a full time job, family, and writing, there not a lot of time for other interests or hobbies. I do enjoy getting to sleep some every now and then and naps have become a favorite pastime!

My favorite place/thing to do in the world is sitting on the beach, watching the sunset over the ocean.